GX550 Caviar Photos ⚫


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Jun 12, 2023
First close upphoto of the GX550 in Caviar!

Here's the best look yet of the GX550 in Caviar!

Let me clarify that I’ve overtrail plus it is currently on a cruise in the Pacific on its way to the United States
I found the caviar to be an exceptional color in person. What I don’t like is the pearl flake that it has underneath the clear coat. I would have preferred a solid black like the old GX. The pearl flake messes with my ocd and makes me thing the whole car has chips and inconsistencies lol.

I do like the pearl on the white color though. I find that application sparkles and makes the brilliance of the paint pop out more in that color palette.
@Planetfa11 Overtrail in Caviar.


Thanks for adding, @Dragoon!

Mine is the only one I've seen in person so I am looking forward to more Caviar pics. Nori was our other choice but Caviar arrived first. There are times when I think Caviar hides all the beautiful details in the new model - for example, the beveled edges on the doors, and the grill disappears completely (some owners may want the grill to disappear :)).

Adding a pic of our GX 550 on pick-up day: