Hello from Silicon Valley


New member
Feb 1, 2024
Bay Area, CA
Hello All,
Joining from outside San Jose, CA where it is Teslaville and has been for years.

Currently driving a 6.5 year-old Honda Odyssey (ICE). Have a Kia EV9 reservation that I’m stalling on. Considering a Lexus GX hybrid when it comes out. Deliberating whether to 1- make myself a guinea pig with a first gen all-electric vehicle; 2- wait (and wait) for more EV’s to arrive and more charging stations to be built; or 3- settle for hybrid (and wait) for the Lexus GX to come hybrid in the U.S.
Oh, and also wavering on whether I need to only consider a seven seater or whether a six seater would be okay. We are a family of five that drives carpool a lot.

Multiple dealers are only 15-20 away.
Welcome jozabo! I can't believe how expensive the EV9 becomes once you begin adding additional features. I've spotted a few on the streets, and they look impressive. However, my primary worry with the current electric vehicles is their rate of depreciation.

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