Hello from SoCal


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Mar 5, 2024
Hello from the 909.
Found this forum from CL link. Active user on GRC, Tundras, and TW forums. I am #401 order at Longo Lexus on an Overtrail Plus.

Currently own a 22 GX460 Blackline,
22 Tundra TRD Off-Road, 23 GR Corolla Core, and 96 Civic CX.

I’ve owned 6 Tacomas and 2 4Runner previously.
Screen name from Honda-Tech and NWP4Life forums.
Siblue, welcome and wow, you and a lot of other's have had a lot of Toyota's, etc. I've only had two 4-Run's and I was way late to the game...
Thank you my Honda count is much higher
14 Toyota (Lexus included)
25 Honda (Acura included)
Never any other brands