Hello GX guys and gals!


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Apr 24, 2024
Middle Geogia
Appears I got lucky. My dealer offered an unallocated 550 Overland scheduled for mid-June delivery. He got my credit card over the phone real fast for an Atomic Silver, Chateau Olive, 5 seater. I'm in my 70's and feel like a kid before Christmas.

I want to do some traveling with my wife and take her to the SW USA. I've done national parks from Albuqueque to Las Vegas and had a great time. The same with Colorado on an ATV. Still have my Polaris Ranger to trailer with us.

In younger days, I've paddled Appellation whitewater, ATV'ed in those same woods, and camped along the way. I'm too old for the ground so I'll see if the back is roomy enough to sleep in.

More good times on the horizon .. Cheers!
A dealer demo hit his lot so I had to go take a look and test drive the other day. My sales guy and I got the dealer build out sheet for my unit. The unit has left the factory, but has not yet reached the port. I was able to make changes in the port installed options, which has saved me, nearly $3000 on MSRP. Big items gone include roof rack and rock, rails, tow ball, and a couple of little tweaks. Added a running board since we deleted the rock rail. Kept the black badging.

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