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Feb 29, 2024
Kalispell, MT
My name if Don and I am a retired CPA from Kalispell, MT. Born and raised in Plentywood, Mt and after the Army, College and first accounting job in Grand Junction, Co I moved to Kalispell. I currently own An F150 and Ford Edge. Over the years my enjoyed a Mercedes 450SL, two Audi TTs and Audi Cabriolet. I love the German driving experience but I hated the reliability after the warranties expired so I decided to go with the Lexus this time for that reason. I have placed a deposit on a Lexus GX 550 Luxury+ with the preference for a second row bench seat when family and grandkids visit. You can't really order a Lexus you simply have to place a deposit on one and wait for an allocated vehicle to the dealership that comes close to what you desire.