2024 GX 550 - third row problem


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Apr 1, 2024
The option that I was hoping for, was a Premiere version, w/4-5 bench seat, [or captains chairs]. The Overtrail trims look great, but I have absolutely zero need or interest in dragging around all the hi-tech terrain enhancing features. Seems like a simple and reasonable option. I want a true flat storage area behind the second row in the 'stored position'. I admit, I am not exactly sure whether the second can actually be placed in a 'vertical' position against the front row, or the back just folds over the seat. I have no idea as to the cost, but it seem that third party can remove the 3rd row, and install rebuild the hard floor beneath for carpeting to be installed above.
Yeah same here regarding the 3rd row. I have zero need. It's interesting watching all the YouTube reviewers. Most seem to indicate it's a negative of the Overtrail not having a 3rd row option. Personally I think it's a negative not to have the option of getting only two rows on any of the current versions.
No way I would put up with the inconvenience of a third row all the time for the benefit of using it sparingly.

If I need to haul around 7 other people, ill rent a vehicle for the day that can accommodate that or take 2 cars.

I am not in the habit of running an Uber service.

Actually calling all those extra people an uber is also a great option haha
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