FIRST EVER Modified 2024 Lexus GX 550!

Turn Your New 2024 Lexus GX 550 Into an Off-Road Beast!

These TFL guys are great. Years ago they had a new Defender and took it to a trail (good luck finding the video!) The tires kept deflating (hit a rock). It was an unexpected sight to see - this big, capable, super modern Defender that was clearly defeated several times by a rock the size of a softball. It showed how JLR put zero time considering tire/rim combinations for off road use, and the new GX just hit a home run by noticing Defender's lack of interest in off road configurations and coming out with a winning combo (18" rims with off road tires and room to bang them around). I think the GX Overtrail is going to be in the running against many Defender 110 shoppers - it's going to be a slug fest between them. For now, it seems like the GX is the luxury family SUV you can intentionally take off road because it's designed that way, whereas the Defender is the luxury SUV that you can potentially take off road if you feel like risk taking, because if you do, Defender is likely to come back on-road after some time consuming tire swaps.

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