GX 460 now or wait for GX 550?


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Sep 27, 2023
Dallas, Texas

New to the forum, I'm a Lexus GX/reliability fan.
I am eagerly waiting to put my name on the GX 550 order but looks like I can't wait till 2024 first quarter and want to go for a GX 460.

Can I get inputs on what the forum members think on this?

I really think you will regret not waiting. The current generation is amazing, but you will second guess yourself whenever you see the 550.

Is it financially feasible for you to join the monogram subscription service to get a car for the next few months?

I think we’re looking at another 4-5 months.
Thank you all for the replies!

I did another test drive of the GX 460 (and also the new RX today - even though they are totally diff)

The masculine feel when we see the vehicle on the road is not seen from the inside - I am referring just the hood - the sculpting on the could have been much better.
Also, I would have loved to have that engine roar heard little bit inside the cabin too - that V8 is burning a lot of gas .. why not a little bit of music to the ears too .. :)

Also, I felt the vehicle is swaying a little bit here(not on freeway) and there and I did not feel it sitting solid on the road which I did not like. Does anybody know what that is?
The RX handling felt much more precise .. The tech / interior on the RX is better too and I think the new GX would be kind of similar ..

Checked the inventory with the dealer and we were to get one home but there was no inventory for what I was looking for - Sport design, white ext, light interior and without the luxury package -- glad that happened :) and I am getting some more time to research ..

What I gather is that the base 550 is going to cost atleast 10k more . similar increase seems to have happened for the RX too ..

@FirstLexus : Yeah, i thought about that too .. on Sixt I see nearly $1000 a month for 1000 miles/month for a luxury SUV .. kinda throwing out some money out of the window(neasrly 8-10% of the vehicle cost) but if I dont have much choice, I may have to do it .. not sure what monogram is .. let me check that out ..
I personally would wait for the new GX. Since the old body style has been around for a long time, it just doesn't seem as exciting as the new one. Of course, you pay for that excitement! I'm sure the GX460 would be extremely reliable.

Are you considering any other SUVs? The new Land Cruiser might be worth checking out.
@supersix/folks .. leaning towards 2024 BMW X5 .. M styling/Mineral whilte .. I drove a rental one for nearly 3 weeks and I love how quick, powerful and fuel efficient it is .. got around 24-25 miles/gallon combined which is very good .. I like the body styling too .. reliability is the key thing I was leaning towards GX .. I guess I would take some chance with the X5, keep it for nearly 5 years and move on .. In regards to body styling, I really like how the Cayenne and Range rovers look but hate and can't digest the concept of "add 1 litre engine oil" light with Range Rovers that I saw in some Vlogs/reviews.
We seriously considered getting the X5 50e earlier in the year when you could also get the fed tax credit. It's a nice looking vehicle and fun to drive. Has a solid sporty feel to it.
Given the reliability of the BMW, I want try to keep things to a minimum - like going from Xdrive to Sdrive and likewise for other features like the Parking assistant feature, - it adds motors, sensors etc. and if something breaks, it would cost $$$ to fix .. :)

As I understand we are on this forum because of the reliability factor of Lexus GX, so when we look at other vehicles, we have that hat on as well :)
Folks .. After a lot of back and forth on different vehicles, I went with a new GX 460 :) - Eminent white pearl - Premium Plus with Sport package.
I really love the solid look and feel and the build quality and enjoying my new ride :)

Congrats! Glad to hear you're happy with it. Let's see a photo of it!
I pulled the trigger today as well. I bought a '23 LX 600 F Sport in Atomic Silver. Better pic later.


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