GX550 vs Model X


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Jun 12, 2023
In terms of luxury SUV features alone (excluding off-road capabilities), how would you contrast the GX550 with the Tesla Model X?
I seriously considered buying the 2022 Model X last year (I'm very happy I didn't as this was prior to Tesla's price cut.). The X drives really well, but I didn't like the buying experience, and I have some reservations about reliability, build quality and resale value. I didn't like the seats, or the design language of the interior. It just didn't feel like a luxury SUV should. Don't throw darts, but if it was an ICE you wouldn't even think about this thing as 100k+ car.

I spent a good deal of time at the Lexus Experience looking at the Overtrail trim and the LA Auto show checking out the Luxury + and OT+ trims. The Lexus feels like a premium vehicle. BTW, I spent some time checking out the LX 600 today, and all I want to do now is run to the dealership with my checkbook.

I'm not a Toyota/Lexus stan. I leased a Prado in Dubai this year for use when I work there, but prior to that I've gotten to middle age without owning a Toyota. My point: I don't have a fanboy bias. I do like my Tesla Solar set-up :cool:.
It wasn't until Tesla reduced the price of the Model X, which, combined with the federal tax rebate, brought it into the same price range as the GX550, that I started contemplating purchasing one. The lack of quality and luxurious feel of the Model X have also been mentioned in several YouTube videos I've watched. Granted, it has a lot more of a performance aspect. I've always had a liking for boxier SUVs, which is where the GX550 really stands out for me.

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