GX550h Specs in China

Mateo L

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Jan 19, 2024
Los Angeles
China will have the hybrid version only and the spec is out. The powertrain is the same as LC250 in the US.

Three Trims
premium 778,000 rmb to 109330 usd
Overtrail 798000 rmb to 112140 usd
Luxury 888000 rmb to 124787 usd

I lookover the specs. Besides the powertrain, other things are in between the normal and plus version.(US Premium < China Premium < US Premium plus)

All Premium Gas required.

I find something interesting that. All three China trims has Multi-layer soundproof front windshield, but only Overtrail and Luxury has Multi-layer soundproof front side windows.
I hope the sound proof front side windows would be standard for all US trims. Let me know if you have any questions.
If the online conversion tools I used are correct, then the equivalent MPG is about 22mpg and the equivalent HP is 277hp.
China version is LC Prado, not Lexus GX, made(assembled) in China I remember. Or what you see probably is the imported Lexus GX, in Europe GX also is 2.4turbo hybrid.
Here the GX and LC are the same car with different setup. GX is more luxury and LC is more off-road.

Canada version GX has the Active Noise Control, I don't know if this is annoying for someone.

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