Hoping to be a new GX550 owner soon!


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Jan 23, 2024
Hello Fellow Auto Enthusiasts!! :)
Hoping to be a new GX550 owner soon!
We’re on 3 different lists and apparently at the top of 2 of the lists (contact only) hoping to put a deposit down soon and become an owner. This will be the wife’s rig and would love to get into a OT in Incognito to match my daily 22 LE IS500.
We’ve been a Lexus family for decades and still have our old 2014 GS350F as well and we may pass down to our daughter who will be 16 soon. Lexus has treated us very very well over the years! Finally so happy to see the redesigned sexy GX550.
I also come from the off-road world, and have a Tundra on Kings/35’s and used to own the TrailsLessTraveled supercharged 3rd gen 4runner on 35’s (for 10 years - sad to see it go)….
Wife’s current rig was modified a tad with all chrome delete (2020 Armada on 34” MT’s) and although she loves it, she’s looking forward to a new GX550 and it will be sold. Hope to learn lots here soon! Cheers!
(the German will feel really out of place soon surrounded with all Lex/Toy) :)


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Welcome @Track992-911S 🍻

Awesome stable of cars! I was real close to ordering the IS500 when it was first announced. I had a 08 ISF back in the day and absolutely loved it. Also had a '14 911.