Interesting YouTube video on the V35A-FTS Engine

That's interesting, I'd be interested in hearing more about the failure on that new lx600.
Still a believer
Now that I thought about it still a believer here’s why I’m getting a overtrail + usually when you buy a niche model they tend to make certain parts beefier not all parts but now they are aware of the issue so it would be a inconvenience but a recall at no expense
I believe he mentioned in the video... and I've seen similar (speculative) info on other forums. The issue is believed to be from improper cleaning of the block and residual metal shavings being trapped in the cylinder which prematurely wears out the bearing. From what I've seen the design of the bearings is robust. Speculation, but some have said they have increased the quantity of block washes moving forward to avoid this. I'm sure they are aware of the root cause, so I imagine these engines are getting some special attention for inspecting cylinders for machining debris moving forward.
I too have been following this issue and somewhat dissappointed. Recently retired and planned on doing a little over the road traveling and was planning on purchasing a reliable vehicle which I decided would be a Lexus. A Lexus GX550 to be specific, did not want any issues a 1000 miles or more from home. Not sure I'm buying the cleaning of he oil lines as a total problem solver. From what I found out a lot of these issues came from a Alabama plant and the problem has been resolved yet there are Lexus's having this issue that were 100% made in Japan. Ya it could happen over there as well as Alabama but the chances are getting pretty high it could be something else.. I have watched articles that the new (ladder) system that holds all the bearings torqued down is a design problem which is adding to or causing the beaaring failures. The ladder system is one solid cast aluminum piece that holds down (all) the main bearings instead of each bearing having its own specific clamp. Not sure how they figured the ladder system is better but I'm justs an old mechanic not a engineer. I believe I also read there was a material change or coating put on the main bearings.. So anyone out there have any more information on these V35A-FTS engines? Would love to put my name on the waiting list at my local dealer but somewhat a little concerned.. Maybe wait for a 4Runner but really want the GX or maybe a whole different manufacture, just don't know yet...
Might as well put your name on the list now. Most dealers are 2-3 years of pre orders so you aren’t likely getting an allocation soon.

Lots of time to see what the real world reliability is like by then

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