Lexus GX550 vs Rivian R1S


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Jun 12, 2023

Has anyone been weighing the options between the GX550 and the Rivian R1S? Over the weekend, I had a chat with someone who couldn't stop praising the Rivian R1S for its outstanding capabilities and features.
I rode in a friend's Rivian R1S over the weekend and it was awesome! It looked great, the interior was super nice and the performance was insane! With that said, the Rivian is more of an in-town vehicle for them. They live in the middle of New Mexico and there are not a lot of charging stations so it's not a vehicle they will be taking farther than about 200 miles or so. He said his trip from Denver was miserable because he had to go the speed limit or less to make each leg of his trip home. At one point, he even had to turn off the AC and drive with the windows down so he could make his next charge point. Not ideal when you are used to driving on long stretches through remote areas with lots of elevation and wind changes.
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