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Mar 4, 2024
Hi everyone,
I'm a retired GE Power Gen guy that has done HPDE stuff for the last 8 or so years. I've had Corvette's and BMW's and currently drive a 2019 BMW M2C plus others. The GX550 will come in handy for towing the boat and other TT types of trailers that I pull.
I choose the GX550 for its versatility, build quality, ingress/egress, 4 wheel capability and reasonable pricing for an SUV.
I hope to get some interesting technical details to review as a member of his forum.
Thanks & Enjoy !
Welcome to the forum @Trojan 🍻 The M2c is a cool car - I've been looking at them a lot lately!
Welcome from another M2 fan! Do you have a photo of one of your race cars loaded up on your trailer? I bet the new GX will pull a race trailer to the track with ease.