Temporary Tundra Platinum wheels with subtle A/T’s for a trip


Apr 13, 2024
Going on a long trip this summer and still didn’t see any aftermarket wheels and tires to go with in time. So I put in some 2022+ Tundra Platinum Wheels because they were the only ones I really liked and actually matched up to the center hub cover color and gloss from Lexus, same with the tires I wanted some all terrains but KO2’s and ridge grapplers looked too rugged for the wheels and trim. I put on some wild peak AT3wa’s that are a tad bit more subtle. Went down from 22’s to 20’s so I can get 20% more sidewall and actually air down a bit off-road. I’m still keeping the stock tires and wheels until I figure out a permanent set. Just wanted to share with you all that are looking around different wheel options that aren’t too rugged looking nor too flashy. These seem pretty nice so far and I kept the same overall size and width to maintain stock drivability for now.
PS all 2022+ Tundra, 2024 Tacoma stock wheels fit with the 95mm bore size.
Hope the info I provided here is helpful.


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Good idea Yota. Taking your lead I might be able to find 18's from the 2022 and up Tundra. I have wheels in great shape that are 18's to use Michelin. I will start looking around but will need adapters for the five lug wheels I have or find the 6 hole 18's to buy. FIRST I need a GX!

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