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Nov 13, 2023
Does anybody know the actual width of the GX550?
The Lexus site says 83.2 in with mirrors in. But several other sites say 78.7 with mirrors in and 83.2 with mirrors out.
I need to know if it will fit through my garage door.

Thank you
Yes, they all have folding mirrors.
I am trying to find out if the width spec is including the mirrors or not including them.
Thanks. The garage door width is 92 inches.
Probably the only way to measure the car is to open both front windows and run a tape measure through the front seats, and out each window.
It's to hard to measure with one person and I'm afraid to scratch the car. Lol. I think it will fit but it will be tight. The measuring tape is set at 92


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Yes it looks like around 83. Are your mirrors folded in?
Thanks so much for doing this. You went above and beyond.
Once in the garage it will be fine. It will just be tight pulling in and backing out.

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