GX550 Overtrail Tires

I saw the tires in person, it's your typical standard 4-ply P-rated tires.
The tire pictured at the top of the first page is no P Metric tire. It is a little hard to make out, but here are the tread specs and max pressure. It is D Rated (51 psi).


John Davies
Spokane WA
there's some other good reviews on Goodyear Wrangler with Kevlar (who wouldn't benefit from a Kevlar tire?), and Wildpeak. I think the GX letting consumers buy different tires in the aftermarket is great. It's one reason I'm here vs. the Defender forums (you can't put 18" rims on a Defender because Defenders are supposed to be at Whole Foods, and nobody needs a Defender with KO2s, figures JLR. OK, but that logic gets folks like me to appreciate the flexibility it seems like the GX is going to offer. Anyone had experience with the Goodyear with Kevlar? Personally, a strong tire is great on rocky roads. But you know what, come to find out it's not bad to have in general. A bunch of broken glass in the parking lot, nails by a construction site, or granite curbs in the city that you should have seen but didn't. For folks that want their 21" rims, fine. But I had a friend pop two tires (same side of the car) on a manhole cover that had a pothole next to it (so that the car dipped in the pothole and then the tire went along the exposed metal of the manhole. Rare for sure, but it happens. JLR is basically ceding the off road luxury adventure market to the new GX by withholding from owners the ability to buy stronger tires. Their loss, but clearly, Lexus was smart to offer the 18" rim as a choice.