Lexus and Toyota Lease-End Options

Does this First Edition Land Cruiser Get Above MSRP?

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Apr 25, 2024
Pasadena, CA
I've been watching this Bring A Trailer Land Cruiser flip:
LC Flip.jpg
Land Cruiser Gets Flipped! with some interest. Will it go for over MSRP? Will the seller get a crazy premium? Fun times.

One of the questions that came up in that comment thread was about lease-end options: what is the process for buying out a Toyota/Lexus lease? Is it difficult to do?

Also...does Toyota allow 3rd party buyouts? I poked around a bit online, but didn't see any clear answers.

I do know from past experience that dealers are making it more and more difficult to do this. I ran into a similar issue with a Volvo of mine a few years ago. I couldn't sell to Carvana or Car Max despite having some equity (car was worth more than residual value) so I'm curious if anyone here has some experience with Toyota/Lexus.

PS: For fun, I've listed a poll (unrelated to my lease question)
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