Luxury + Snow/Offroad?


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Nov 12, 2023
How would the Luxury + tires do in the snow? How about off roading, nothing hardcore, simply dirt roads? The rims and tires look like it would only be good on hard surface roads. My dilemma is I really like the way the Luxury + is equipped, but am thinking the Overtrail would be more suited for drives in the snow and getting on dirt roads to go fishing, etc. I am not into off roading. Thoughts?
I mean overall it will be fine.

Things to keep in mind:

Motorized entry steps won't play nice with ice buildup. nbd for the occasional use but for every day use outdoors in the cold where there isn't opportunity to let things melt. I see tons of these broken up here in Canada.

Second is dedicated winters will always been better for use in real snow and cold, so plan on a set of those if you are spending a lot of time in winter conditions.

Living in Arizona? I think you will be fine for the occasional drive in the white stuff.
The term “dirt road” is rather broad especially in the southwest. If you’re talking about a maintained fire road then any tires will do. On dirt roads or trails that are more challenging you might want to consider tires and wheels. Possibly you could use the same 18” wheels that come on the Overtrail. They will give you a bit more sidewall. Snow is a different story. Short of dedicated snow tires, I deally you want tires with a 3PMS rating.

If you stick with the stock 22” wheels have a look at the Michelin Defenders. If you change to an 18” wheel you will have lots of choices for tires.
There are lots of AT/Offroad tires that are actually pretty suitable for winter use. They pale in comparison to true winters in the coldest conditions and sheer ice but will function fine with caution.

The ones I have experience with are duratracs which are surprisingly passable as winter tires. I ran them year round on my Sierra AT4 and my wrangler Sahara and quite enjoyed them.