ML Bass Issue

I had that in my Tesla. The cable connecting to the sub might not be soldered correctly. Does it happen when you go over a bump?
I don’t think I have a problem with my ML system bass, other than it isn’t very good. The interior rattles and there’s no way to adjust crossover frequencies or anything. If feels like the sub is low quality and they have the upper limit frequency to the sub set too high. Combine that with the plastic interior bits and it isn’t a very good “premium” system
I’m not having any rattle at all.
Do you have the bass turned up? I generally increase bass and treble levels while leaving the mid range. My previous car sounded amazing with clear and deep bass without distortion or interior rattles. The ML system is the opposite. It definitely gets loud and the high range is fine but the low range is awful IMO.
Bass is middle of the road. But there is definitely something off with it. It’ll cut off then within 10 seconds it’ll gradually come back in
Can’t remember. Does this car have OTA software updates or does a software fix have to come from the dealer?

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