I have a lux + tire pressure was set to 48 psi when I picked up my vehicle. I adjusted the psi down to 37, door jamb sticker says 33 psi all around. I am now getting a TPMS alert that pressure is low. I am wondering if there is a way to adjust the threshold for getting an TPMS alarm.

Seems strange that they want to keep 39 psi or more in the tires. Did not find anything about TPMS adjustment.
I noticed the high psi, too. I have an overtrail; the door jam says 35, and mine are at 46-48, with the spare over 50. I will be adjusting them soon. In the vehicle settings, I did see the option to reset TPMS, so it should not be an issue.
I learned a long time ago to check the air pressure after your car leaves a dealership either new or serviced. Not sure why the pressure is always much higher than what it should be…
Call me anal but I check our vehicle tires and oil almost weekly. (Sundays) I also have the tires rotated around 5-6K, The Michelins last forever. I never trust the tire shops, mechanics, or dealerships when it comes to tire pressure. I trust them with almost everything else though.
Mine started out with them all at 39, but a few weeks later and they are all showing 35 or 36 without me making any changes.
Tire pressure changes depending on temperature and how long its been sitting. After a long night before sun is all the way up, get in your car and check. After driving and tires heat up from use and hot sun, the pressure may raise 4-5 PSI.

You want the PSI to be at recommended after tires are warmed up

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