Any guess on the hybrid?

Any guess on the hybrid GX arrival time frame? Lexus has promised a hybrid variant at a later date. The best guess, from viewing a Lexus PR video, is the drivetrain will be as in the Toyota Land Cruiser, the 2.4L Hybrid Max., result in much better fuel economy than the soon to arrive V6.
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Should I feel guilty if I buy a 2024 ICE vehicle? Kinda torn now.
In my view there are several considerations:

Yes, hybrid vehicles are the big sellers now and the foreseeable future, but battery technology/chemistry/electronics is rapidly changing. Be honest though, the hybrid revolution is all about manufacturers meeting federal requirements for MPG and emissions.

Will my GX be a "keeper", past any warranty, including the battery, and will the battery technology in my GX by then be completely obsolete? Parts available, etc.? I have this uneasy feeling the manufacturers love hybrids, as keepers will be a thing of the past.

However, it is a given the hybrid version will be much more frugal with fuel, probably my guesstimate 27 vs 18 MPG.

It is also known the GX hybrid will employ the turbo 4, same as in the Tacoma, versus the smooth V6. However, hybrids do tend to smooth out a 4-cylinder, "filling in the gaps" with the electric motor.

As in the Land Cruiser, will being a hybrid preclude the availability of a 3rd-row, where the battery resides? Notice the Overtrail trims offer no 3rd-row.

As I understand it, and could be incorrect, the Tacoma (and Tundra) hybrid drivetrain does not use a torque converter, but a wet clutch. Can we trust this system to be durable? Essentially unproven.

Last, but certainly not least, just a guess, but some sources indicate it will probably be 2025 before the hybrid GX becomes available. Do I wish to wait? This somewhat motivates me to look at the Land Cruiser, but cannot develop a like for it.
We are having similar thoughts. I do believe that in a few short years, technolgy will rapidly progress. Solid state batteries, hydrogen power, etc. I think the current (2024) V6 twin turbo would be an awesome last ICE engine to own. Lots to think about though.
The 3-row GX’s also lose some floor depth to host the seats. Looks similar to the higher lift over of the LC with the battery storage needs. Imagine if you wanted a 3rd row AND a hybrid! Untenable at this point. I suspect the V6 hybrid (Tundra/Sequoia) will find its’ way into the LX while the 4-cylinder will show in the GX (GX400h??). I really like the hybrid drivetrain smoothness of the Defender, but reliability and cost are big negatives for me. Without solid axels or body or frame, it can hide more things. I can live with a 5 seater and prefer the extra space, lower weight, and lower load floor. It does NOT hurt that my back yard is a great off road area where the OT+ can showcase its’ talents:)