GX hood shakes

I've had mine for a couple weeks and plenty of highway and city driving. The only way I can see any vibrations when driving on the highway is watching closely and maybe there is some slight movement when I hit bumps in the road at highway speed, but certainly nothing that seems concerning. Today, however, I got my first carwash, all went fine, but at the end of the tunnel when the blowers were drying it off and blowing nearly straight down on the hood, the hood did have some fairly obvious bending and waving going on.
Has anyone pulled the underhood insulation down to see what it looks like under it? There may be a way you can add some sound deadening to the skin and maybe some rubber between the cross members and skin. This works wonders in doors and should also easily fix the flexing of the thin sheet metal on the hood. Be careful not to overdo the sound deadening to the point where it makes the sheet metal sag where there is no crossmembers. A good picture of what it looks like under the insulation would help, if anyone is willing to do that.
I noticed the hood insulation is missing one of the pushpins. I will try to get a replacement and see if it will make a difference.

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