reviews the GX550 "The 2024 Lexus GX Kicks Ass"


You wanted the new Lexus GX to be good. I wanted the new Lexus GX to be good. And folks, it is good.

The appeal of a Toyota truck has always been great off-road capability mixed with the sense it’ll outlast us all. Who doesn’t want that? In recent years, it seems everyone bought in. The Lexus GX, previously a niche luxury version of the small Land Cruiser, the Prado, has risen in profile to match the bigger Land Cruisers, 4Runners, Tacomas, and other rugged Toyotas.

Toyota of late has become remarkably good at delivering exactly what enthusiasts want, and when Lexus dropped a brawny-looking off-roader with Land Cruiser bones and optional 33s, everyone kind of lost their minds. So we had to take it off-roading.

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Toyota definitely has been listening. A high end Bronco is easily $80k, and at that price point, why not offer a full luxury inside, matched to an SUV that can follow your neighbor's Wrangler that rides on Firestone Destination type tires? Wonderful combo.