Service, Maintenance, & Parts Manuals (Online PDFs)?


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Feb 28, 2024
Does anyone have links to service, maintenance, and parts manuals for the '24 GX550's?

Here’s the Warranty and Service Guide

*I can also post link to another site but not sure if that’s ok with the moderators


  • 2024_GX550_Warranty_Service_Manual.pdf
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Thanks Mace! Does your "link" happen to have the service, maintenance, and parts manuals? If so, I'll PM you my email.
I am surprised that Lexus states no service internal for replacement of the transmission filter and oil. They reference at the end of the manual it is a sealed unit requiring no regular service but I know better than to drive it beyond 75-100K miles without servicing with new fluid/filter. No dipstick for the trans either, not a huge fan of that. Going the route of the Germans which leads to potentially expensive repairs in the future.
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