What vehicle will the GX550 replace?

2023 BMW x7 40i


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For me, my X5 40i, which will go to my wife.

Will trade in my wife's NX300 FSport 3 for this.

I want something a bit more capable off-road than the X5, and my wife wants something a bit bigger for carting the kiddo around.

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What don’t you like about the X7?
Honestly I love the x7, best / most luxurious vehicle I have ever owned. Even with it being in the shop all of Feb getting a new transmission (only 13,000 miles on it) I would buy another one. I have owned two LC 200 series, a 100 series and an FJ so I really loved the look of the Overtrail. Main thing is I don't need the 3rd row and wanted something more truck like....for now. :) I could see myself going back to BMW in a couple of years when they do a final run of their V8's before going fully inline 6 / PHEV or BEV in 2027 (next model change for the x7) or x5 in 2026.