GX550 30 Day Stop Sale?

so the supposed leak is happening on the standard moonroof and not the pano roof ?

I can't say I have any official confirmation of that but it would make sense to me that a standard sunroof that opens and shuts might have drainage issues versus what is essentially a sealed off see through roof.
On my way to work today, I saw my local Lexus dealership had 2 brand new Luxury+'s that just arrived. Guess that's a good sign :). I'm guessing they're already spoken for, but nonetheless, glad to see that at least some are being delivered.
I noticed my GX550 is no longer appearing on my dealer's website. Could this mean it's getting close? I sent an email to my dealer asking for an update. He responded and said he's out of the office today and will check tomorrow. He also said, "They're starting to move now..." 🤷
I have a friend who strongly suggested I sell my GX premium plus because of a recent article about the difficulty someone had trading in an older Tundra. I mentioned the time frame for the recall did not include my build date or model and I have a 6 year 70K warranty. He was in a panic about how the recall would affect all models with the twin turbo V6 impacting their sales/trade-in value. This is Lexus and I have confidence it will be resolved and so far GX’s have not been included. After taking ownership I am so pleased with the upgraded model and there isn’t any other SUV that interests me. The Defender comes close however reliability is a known factor… so no way am I willing to part ways with my GX
Very good point but remember they haven’t told anything next no answer Friday
I realize it’s only 9:33 on the east coast and I’ll try to give Toyota/Lexus to give a reasonable update for one or several issues but given their recent history on these issues plaguing us I have recruited Superman and roadrunner for help Superman to fly around the universe for answers roadrunner to run around the country for answers,if anyone knows of other super hero’s that can help us and maybe it can be YOU!!! Thank you


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Added both of my allocations to the Google Sheet. Should we add a column for build date? Thanks for putting this together!

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