GX550 Aftermarket Wheel & Tire Thread


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Jun 12, 2023
For those interested in wheel and tire swaps, this thread serves as a helpful resource. A common question we often encounter is about offset and its effect on the stance of the vehicle. If you've recently switched to new wheels & tires, we'd appreciate it if you could contribute by sharing the wheel/tire size, offset, and detailed photos

Here's an example of 18x9 wheels mounted with 265/70r18 tires. The wheels have a negative 0 offset.


(Photo credit S. Yoon - GX550 Owners FB Group)
If anyone is planning on swapping out their 18" Overtrail stock wheels, I'd be interested in buying them. I'm in the pacific northwest and can meet in this region, but also willing to look at shipping. PM me if you're interested.
IMO my preference would be black rhino rims. I think they look perfect on the all black and the atomic silver. I’m not sure incognito would look as good with those rims
Those pictures are sweet still a fan of black rhino IMO they take it up a notch
Hoping to see some folks test some larger tire sizes here soon. I’d love to go a little bigger on tire and a different wheel, but don’t want to do a lift or any cutting. Curious what everyone comes up with.
I’m wanting to swap out OEM
Overtrail tires/wheels with some black 17” methods and as close to 34s as possible. Just don’t know what size and offset will work yet lol.
Anyone know if the same wheels that fit (in terms of bolt pattern, offset) 5th gen 4runners and Tacomas will bolt onto the GX (assuming they clear the brake calipers etc)?
I bet the brake calipers are different but just my thoughts without looking. Seems like Lexus upgraded the brakes... I think.... man, I'm old, LOL
Does anyone have suggestions on what rims and tires they would recommend to replace the 22” OEM setup on the Luxury? Looking for something to provide a better ride. Thanks!

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