Canadian 2024 Lexus GX550 Prices


Canadian pricing for the new GX550 has now been announced. The Premium model is priced starting at $95,826.25, while the top-tier Executive trim peaks at $109,176.25.
Interesting price points I find. You can upgrade the off road features with the overtrail, or the vehicle overall features with the premium. To get both together moves you up to pricing of the Luxury, which I assume must be similar. Then of course you can go one up from there. I’ll have to do some more studying of the differences in the packages.
Ordered an Overtrail+ because Overtrail is now enough equiped, but that Premium looks like the sweet spot when you don't need the offroad goodies (95% of people).
Very well positionned I think for the different trims.

You get massaging seats in O+ but third row in P, colors choices as well (the blue looks nice, only on P).

Good headaches thinking time...

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